Dates: 07 – 08 September 2019

This school provides detailed hands-on training on leading computational codes, such as Abinit, Fhi-Aims, AMULTET, and USPEX, which will be given by their developers (many of whom are based in Skoltech). A crash course on popular codes VASP, Gaussian, MOPAC, and LAMMPS, together with toolboxes MolMod and SIMAN, will be also provided.

Tutor Training
Xavier Gonze

Matteo Giantomassi

Sergey Levchenko FHI-aims
Vladimir Anisimov AMULET (DMFT code)
Andriy Zhugayevych, Dmitry Aksenov, Sergei Tretiak
Crash course on materials modeling: Gaussian, VASP, MOPAC, LAMMPS, and MolMod and SIMAN toolboxes
Artem R. Oganov Hands-on session on USPEX